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Wonton Soup   2.95

Minced pork, shrimp & shiitake mushroom filling wontons served in savory chicken broth with dry onions, green onions & Chinese cabbage

Miso Soup    2.25

Soy bean paste soup with seaweed, tofu & green onion

Onion Mushroom Soup   2.25

Refreshing clear broth with fresh mushroom, green onion & homemade dry onion

Chicken Egg Drop Soup   2.25

Hot & Sour Soup     2.25

Tofu, mushroom, black fungus & egg in spicy sour broth

Tom Yam Soup

Hot & spicy broth with lemon grass, asparagus, hot chili & lime juice

Chicken or Veg.   3.95

Shrimp    4.95


Veg. Spring Roll (2)    1.95

Thai Chicken Egg Roll (2)   4.95

Minced chicken with cabbage, carrot, cilantro & green onion. Served with Thai Chili Sauce

Thai Shrimp Spring Roll (2)    4.95

Edamame   3.95

A popular healthy snack, steamed soy bean lightly sprinkled with salt

Scallion Pancakes (8)   4.25

Crab Rangoon (5)   4.5

Crabmeat blended with cream cheese & onion fried crispy in wonton wrapper

Pork Dumplings (5)   Steamed or Pan-fried    4.5

Veg. Dumplings (5)    Steamed or Pan-fried    4.5

Mini Pork & Leek Dumplings    4.95

Served in ginger soy sauce or house Szechuan hot oil

Shumai (8)   4.95

Japanese steamed dumplings

Sweet Potato Tempura   4.95

Chicken Skewers (4)   Glazed with teriyaki sauce  5.95

Veggie Tempura Appetizers   5.95

House Chicken Bites   6.95

Breaded white meat chicken sprinkled with house spices, served with your choice of dipping sauce

Choice of dressing: Yum Yum  Spicy Mayo  Sweet Chili

Shrimp Tempura Appetizers (3)   6.95

Coconut Shrimp (3)   6.95

Deep fried jumbo shrimp breaded with shredded coconut, served with Mango Cilantro Sauce

Appetizer Sampler   10.95

2 crab rangoons, 2 coconut shrimps, 2 veg spring rolls, 2 scallion pancakes, 2 chicken skewers


Seaweed Salad   2.75

Asian Pickle Salad    2.75

Fresh pineapple, cucumber, carrot, red onion

House Salad    3.95

Mixed Greens & lettuce, carrot, cucumber & cherry tomato

Choice of Dressing: Sesame Ginger or Lemon Vinaigrette

Avocado Salad   4.5

Mixed Greens & lettuce & sliced avocado

Choice of Dressing: Sesame Ginger or Lemon Vinaigrette

Spicy Crabstick Salad   5.25

Crabstick, cucumber, fish egg & crunchy flakes with Spicy Mayo

Spicy Tuna Tata    7.95

Chunks of tuna mixed with avocado cubes & spicy mayo